How to get away from Anxiety (for Lawyers)

David Bjornson talks about anxiety. Most lawyers are prone to stress which sometimes leads to anxiety. It seems that there is always something to worry or be anxious about for them. They worry about whether they’re on track with billables and they worry about making a mistake and being exposed for malpractice. As an attorney, they often have feelings of stress and apprehension flowing through their mind and bodies.

Below are the following steps on how lawyers can get away from anxiety:

Keep in touch with loved ones

 Prioritize meaningful relationships over simply being social. Surround yourself with people that makes you happy and to share your problems to those you trust. This forges deeper interpersonal connections. Try hanging out with close friends at least once a week. And most important of all try to have a strong bond with your family.

Stay healthy

 It is important to be in tip top shape and to have a thriving mindset. Get enough sleep as possible. Don’t skip meals, consume a variety of nutritious food that contributes to good health to prevent most diseases. Avoid smoking cigarettes. Drink moderately. If you find smoking hard to avoid try to join a quit-smoking program. Drink 2 liters of water everyday or more if your body is active. Try to exercise daily to keep your heart in good health. Be hygienic, take showers regularly, always wash hands thoroughly and brush your teeth at least twice a day.


 This brings notable changes to stressed-out lawyers, try speaking to a therapist who would help you sort your emotions. Avoid things that trigger you to be pressured. Learn how to focus on your breathing to unwind your tensions. Avoid driving during rush hour, try to relax before working.

Have Fun and Leisure

 Do other activities aside from spending time in front of your computer screen. Practice an instrument, appreciate or do an art project, cook your favorite food, get into sports, play strategic indoor or outdoor games. Have a night out with best friends. Harness your talent, like if you’re good at singing, try singing in karaokes.


 You can bring anyone or you can travel alone, it depends on how you like it. If you get the feeling that you need to take a break, go somewhere you don’t know and don’t forget to bring a camera. Traveling gives you time to think and learn new things like culture, food and history. Traveling also unravels unfamiliar beauties and beasts inside of you.

Love yourself

 Try to feel good about yourself by working in a happy environment. Put positive energy on everything and good things will come back to you, this boosts your karma points.
Talk to God

 This goes to the religious people. Pour out your heart, fears and woes to God. You need to seek guidance not only to a living person but also in whom you believe but cannot be sensed by sight. Pray that your pain will fade away.

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